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Press - Reliz Arxivi

• 28.12.2007   PRESS RELİZ No 40

• 25.11.2007   PRESS RELİZ No 39

• 20.11.2007   PRESS RELİZ No 38

Press - Reliz

On December 24, Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev inaugurated an 85 km-long Hajigabul-Kurdamir section of the Baku-Gazakh motor road.
The project had envisaged reconstruction of the old 75-km road and construction of a new 10-km road and a “Kurdamir ring road” on the territory of the region.
During the construction activities, 1.73 million cubic meters of

earth have been excavated and 490 thousand tons of asphalt have been used for paving the roads.
The road’s first-class section is 5.7 km in length and 27.5 m in width, and its second-class section is 78.2 km in length and 15 m in width.
Also under the project, 2 bridges over Padar river and 4 cattle crossings have been constructed, as well as 165 pipes have been laid to channel underground waters.
The total cost of the project, which involved 623 local and 16 foreign specialists, is US$ 97.16 million.
Co-funded by the government of Azerbaijan and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the project has been implemented by Todini Costruzioni, Italy and local Azerinshaatservis Ltd, Azerbaijan.
The Hajigabul-Kurdamir motor road is part of the Great Silk Road.