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[April 22, 2005]

Dear Mr. Chairman!

Dear colleagues!

Ladies and gentlemen!

First of all, I would like to express deep gratitude to organizers of summit for fine preparation and the excellent organization of our meetings. Also I would like to express personally gratitude to the President of Moldova Vladimir Voronin for his hospitality.

I want to note, that I am in Moldova since yesterday. Yesterday I made official visit to Moldova, and should tell that I am very much satisfied with results of this visit. The important agreements have been signed many, and our strategic line on cooperation on a bilateral basis has been once again confirmed within the framework of the regional organizations and process of Euro-integration. I also would like to praise our side, which has adequately coped with function presiding. Very much depends on its activity and persistence. Our organization today experiences a new stage of the development. I think, that it is one of the most important stages. And how it is effective today, we shall construct the work, will depend both on the role and place of our organization in the world, and also its efficiency. It is necessary that this organization was capable to solve concrete questions, to promote processes of integration, cooperation on bilateral basis, on multilateral basis so that GUUAM has turned to the serious regional organization. I think, our sincere desire to transform GUUAM in such solid regional organization quite naturally. For this purpose, there are all preconditions, objective reasons, and also aspiration of our countries to cooperation on strengthening security measures in the Caspian-Black Sea region, and also to processes of Euro-integration.

Very much unites us. Between our countries, on a bilateral basis, there are the most sincere, most friendly, brotherly relations. Therefore, our desire to strengthen and develop these relations and in the format of regional and international cooperation - is natural. I am also very much satisfied with that our friends take part in work of our organization - presidents of the friendly countries of Romania and Lithuania. It is one more parameter of growing value and weights of our organization, and also, I think, that it is very good precondition for the future regional cooperation on wider space. And I am confident, that in case of achievement of all objects in view, realization of our plans, undoubtedly, GUUAM will play very powerful role in the regional plan.

We are united also with processes of the Euro-Atlantic integration to which our countries follow during many years and successfully move ahead to this. But, certainly, for anybody not a secret, that will be integrated much more conveniently, more easy and fast if to make it by joint efforts. As in this question, between us, there are no disagreements, and there is a generality of the approach, I think, it would be possible to work how to unit our efforts in the question on integration into the European and Euro-Atlantic structures. All our countries are active participants of processes on integration to the NATO, the European Community, all our countries are members of the antiterrorist coalition and consequently there are many factors, uniting us, of which, we, certainly, should take advantage very effectively.

Unfortunately, factors, which unite us, is not only those that deliver pleasant moments which inspire us and strengthen our independence, also we are united by our pain. These are the conflicts in territory of our countries. So it has turned out, that all conflicts on the post-Soviet space occur in territory of the countries of GUUAM. All of them have one origin. The conflict Armenia-Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh, the conflict in Abkhazia, the conflict in South Ossetia and the conflict in Prednestrovie - all these conflicts are generated by aggressive separatism, infringement of territorial integrity of our countries, a policy of the ethnic cleanings which have brought sufferings and sorrow to millions of refugees which became victims of aggressive separatist tendencies. It, too, unites us.

Therefore, I think, that it would be very expedient to unite also our efforts in settlement of these conflicts as all of them have common nature and common mechanism of settlement. To us, I think, it will be necessary to work and develop very actively frame processes for settlement of these problems. Also it is very important, if for the organization with which we actively cooperate, the OSCE, the European Community, and the Council of Europe, also have confirmed these frame approaches so that we could have unified approach to the settlement of all these four sharpest conflicts. These conflicts do not give us opportunity normally to develop. These conflicts constrain processes of Euro-integration. We understand, that with such luggage process on our Euro-integration will be complicated, and we should be released. To solve it, it is possible and it is necessary only and only on the basis of norms and principles of international law. We support such approach. International law is on our side. Therefore, these conflicts, I am confident, will find their solution. It would be desirable, that it has taken place as soon as possible. And to separatist forces and aggressors, which have made aggressions against our countries, too, it is necessary to understand, that the world goes absolutely in the other direction. The world goes in the direction of integration, cooperation, strengthening of regional safety, globalization. In these conditions, the cave approach to the solution of problems will not have any future. I think, the earlier it will be understood the easier will be to avoid heavy consequences of these conflicts.

As a positive step, I want to note and increase of attention of the international organizations to problems of separatism in our region. The evidence to that is active attraction of the Council of Europe to this question. In January of this year, the Council of Europe has accepted resolution on the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict where precisely and clearly all has been named. Namely, that Armenia has made aggression against Azerbaijan, has carried out the policy of ethnic cleanings. As a result of the policy of ethnic cleanings, one million people appeared refugees and IDPs, and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan has been broken.

In the world, there are fine, including in Europe, samples of normal coexistence of the countries, peoples, when there are all necessary elements for giving high status of autonomy. Azerbaijan repeatedly expressed, that is ready to give the high status of autonomy to Armenians living in Nagorno Karabakh. But we never shall agree with infringement of our territorial integrity. I think, positive experience of autonomy in Europe should be taken for a basis. Naturally, there should be a common approach to the settlement of these questions. Only in this case, we can put an end to this injustice and the roughest violation of elementary human rights and norms of international law.

Our organization also effectively cooperates in communication, transport questions. I am confident, that these questions will get even more great value. And certainly, the geographical arrangement of our countries itself predetermines already and the transport component of our relations. We see these processes as an integral part of regional cooperation as an element, which will promote deep integration processes in our region, and also will have very serious influence and on economic situation of our countries. By the way, one more of element, which unites us: all our countries very dynamically develop. Economic growth in them is very high. It is shown within the framework of growth of GDP, carrying out of economic reforms, principles of the free market. Therefore, this question, certainly, also will have very much great value. Program of TRACECA, program which draw attention of the international organizations, and also the program the GUUAM-USA and realization of this program will put at disposal of our states completely unique system of data exchange and operative reaction to dangerous crimes. In fact, transport projects will use, unfortunately, the structures bearing kindly, but also criminal elements, the international criminality, drug traffic. Therefore, in this plan, certainly, it is necessary to accept all complex of measures to secure itself against all undesirable displays. We also support the initiative “Smart Digit GUUAM” which should promote closer links between the USA and the countries GUUAM in the field of high technologies, including spheres of electronic trade, telemedicine and remote education. In the countries of GUUAM, this project is considered as the important step on way of the further deepening of our cooperation.

Today\'s Summit also will go down to history of our organization by signing of some the major documents, central of which, certainly, is the Kishinev Declaration. These documents once again confirm adherence of our countries, our states to values of democracy, aspiration to develop the countries and societies, and testify to our determination to go in the direction of the European and Euro-Atlantic integration. I am confident that all our kind undertakings will be realized that our organization will strengthen the presence and will actively promote the further integration processes.

Thanks for attention.