How to choose the high quality down jacket

Parajumpers Parka refers to feather filled, and cashmere sub (cashmere sub is refers to the growth in the floorboard of ducklings, Gosling body or a duck, goose is feather base of flower velvet, cashmere, cashmere and wool type immature part of velvet) content of not less than 50%, the other is to meet the requirements of the customers (wool piece refers to growth in soft feathers, duck, goose body), has a good wind resistance and thermal performance of clothing. Because of its convenient wearing, easy collection, warm and good, has become the first choice for winter warm clothes. Typically, jacket down the fluffy degree heavy, warm performance is better; cashmere content is higher, the higher the grade of the Parajumpers Gobi Jacket Women. Current market sales down jacket quality uneven, some good and some bad, consumers in the purchase of the down jacket, can be identified by the following methods:
1 see no registered trademarks, product instructions for use (including the name and address of the manufacturer, product name, size and specifications, the product uses the raw material composition, content, cashmere content and fill down net weight, washing method, use and storage conditions of note, product standard number, product quality grade, certificate of product quality inspection etc.. The size, fiber content, cashmere content and washing method must have endurance logo). At the same time, see the appearance of the product, the quality of sewing (including the color of each part of fabric is serious, whether there is a serious defect, sewing and the workmanship is rough and so on), pay attention to the fabric on the there is no drill velvet, ran Mao, parts manufactured goods filling is uniform, fine, require pin neat, inlay, inlay, rolling process should be crisp, stretch, cannot twist uneven. In addition, look fluffy degree of product, good product not only to fluffy degrees, and is of good air permeability performance. Finally, but also the products without authorization by the state quality and technical supervision and administrative departments of the provincial, municipal and above for quality supervision and inspection agency issued the inspection report, and inspection.
2 will be Parajumpers Jackets Outlet relax paving. Let the natural recovery is 2 ~ 3 minutes, and then hand pressing down jacket, then the handle is released, look down jacket could rebound soon up restitution. If the rebound is not up or slow rebound, rebound height is very low, that the filling down the poor quality. If there is no elasticity, that is likely to be filled with feather feather, duck feather or other long haired tablets crushed hair rather than down, belonging to the fake and shoddy products. If the rapid rebound up restitution, illustrate its down with cashmere rate high, fluffy degrees, good elasticity, good quality.
The 3 fingered pinch down jacket, try the soft degree, there is no complete little piece and feather tube etc.. Such as soft and little piece of complete is a good product. If there had been any hair piece large, thick, soft to the touch but poor elasticity softening feather and feather department. Such as soft but short feathers tube is made of crushed hair, this garment belongs to no use value of the fake feather products. In addition, the hands gently pat down jacket, see pin has no dust overflow at. If no dust overflow as good products, such as dust overflow is shoddy products crushed wool or cashmere do dust.
4 rub hands are opposite, down jacket, observe whether the villi drill. If the villi through, which shows the use of fabric or material anti drilling cashmere performance is poor or no anti drilling cashmere performance, belong to inferior products. With the index finger and thumb gently rub down jacket, if feel more and more thin, but very difficult to put the cashmere all rub, explain quality is better; if it were easy to all twist to open, and can feel inside and outside the two layers of cloth that contact, filling Rongliang less; if you feel there is a thick layer of clothing, rubbing don't open, may contain polyester cotton or acrylic cotton padding instead of down, feather and down product is fake.
5 with the nose close to the down jacket carefully smell, such as no smell or smell is jiapin. If there are obvious fishy taste or smell, it shows that the use of raw materials down without technological processing and washing disinfection strict, genus and shoddy products.