Expert proposal down clothes washing frequency should not be too much

In winter, the people most loves is to wear down jacket, but there is a saying that the Parajumpers Gobi Jacket Women not always wash, otherwise it will be more and more do not warm. This is true? Expert proposal down clothes washing frequency should not be too much, then listen to the experts to answer.
Warm down jacket with excellent performance, is decided by its structure: Feather velvet flowers a flower shaped structure, is composed of a pile of nuclear and radiation out of a lot of silk velvet. Velvet silk is composed of many small hollow structure scales, which contains a large number of stationary air. The heat conduction coefficient of air is very low, thus forming a natural barrier to hinder the cold and hot air flow. The three-dimensional dendritic structure plus down specific, so that other insulation materials down with the same weight as compared to (such as camel hair, cashmere, silk, cotton, chemical fiber etc.), fluffy degree higher, warm and stronger.
A down jacket heat preservation performance mainly depends on its thickness. And down jacket thickness, and is directly related to the performance of the fluffy down. Unit mass of fluffy down, the better the performance, the thickness is greater.
Fluffy performance is good, mainly depends on the Cheap Parajumpers Coats in the flower and the proportion of down feather feather. In theory, the higher the amount with velvet down jacket, the better the performance of its fluffy, warm performance is better. Of course above all is must guarantee a certain amount of filling the premise.
But in fact, in reality we will find, cashmere content reached down products more than 90% actually not much, this is also true. Cashmere content in general 75% to 85% between the down clothing, the best price. To not live in extremely cold areas of ordinary consumers, the thermal performance is enough. At present, velvet quantity with Euramerican market down products in general in this range.
In the washing process of down jacket, because silk velvet down will fall off a part, fluffy performance will be affected, but the impact is not great.
A good quality Parajumpers Jackets UK, in the premise of not affecting the recommended wearing the washing clean, not too many times, at the same time, after washing clothes also try to beat the light, to reduce feather damage.