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On the occasion of the 18th anniversary of the January 20 tragedy, Azerbaijanis residing in various countries across the world will organize commemoration ceremonies and take actions to inform their countries’ public and other ethnic communities about the bloody event.
Turkey: Federation of Turkish-Azerbaijani Organizations will hold a commemoration ceremony on January 19.
Arab Republic of Egypt: Student`s Society `Vatan` will hold an event on the January 20 tragedy.
The United Arab Emirates: Azerbaijani Society in Dubai will organize a photo exhibition to commemorate victims of the bloody January.
Japan: Japan-Azerbaijan Friendship Society will organize an event in Osaka University to remember January 20 tragedy, and demonstrate a 30-minute film about Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and history of Azerbaijan.
Kingdom of Thailand: `Azerbaijani House of Culture` founded by rector of Thailand Technical University Said Irandostu will hold a conference to revere victims of bloody January 20 in Assumption University, on January 19 .
Islamic Republic of Pakistan: Pakistan-Azerbaijan Friendship Society jointly with Azerbaijani Embassy to Pakistan will hold January 19 an event on the occasion of the January 20 tragedy.
Australia: On January 19, radio station `Voice of Azerbaijan` will broadcast a program about January 20 tragedy as well as a rally to be held in Sydney.
New Zealand: Zealand-Azerbaijan Friendship Society will organize January 19 an event to commemorate January 20 victims.
Northern Cyprus: A commemoration ceremony of bloody January 20 will take place January 18 in Dogu Akdeniz University.
Georgia: Azerbaijani Embassy to Georgia will hold January 18 a conference about January 20 tragedy. `Azerbaijani Center of Culture` together with Azerbaijani Embassy to Georgia will hold a round table as well.
Uzbekistan: `Azerbaijani Association of Cultural Centers will hold January 18 an event on the 18th anniversary of the January tragedy.
Kazakhstan: Azerbaijani Cultural Center `Dostlug` and `Turan` Congress will organize conferences in Aktau and Astana to commemorate victims of the January 20 tragedy.
Kyrgyzstan: Azerbaijan’s embassy in Kyrgyzstan, “Azeri” diaspora organization and “Support of Policy in Turkish World ” Public Foundation will hold a commemorative ceremony at the Assembly of People`s Representatives of Kyrgyzstan on January 18.
Russia: Azerbaijan`s embassy in Russia and All-Russian Azerbaijanis Congress will hold Sunday an event to commemorate the January 20 victims at the assembly hall of “Baku” cinema in Moscow. A regional organization of the Congress will organize a round table in Yekaterinburg on the occasion. Azerbaijan`s culture center in Ulan-Ude will also organize a commemorating ceremony in Buryatia Republic.
Ukraine: On January 20, Azerbaijanis Congress in Ukraine will organize a round table in Kiev on the occasion of the Bloody January tragedy. Regional representative offices of the Congress in Kharkov, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk and Nikolayev will hold an event on the 18th anniversary of the January tragedy.
Belarus: Congress of Azerbaijani communities in Belarus will commemorate the martyrs of the January 20 in Minsk on Saturday.
Estonia: The East Culture Institute named after Z. Aliyeva will host a commemorative ceremony on the occasion of the January 20 tragedy.
“Aydan” Estonia-Azerbaijan Friendship Society will organize a meeting in Tallinn featuring photos and films about the tragedy.
Latvia: “Odjag” Center of Culture will organize a photo exhibition dedicated to the January 20 tragedy.
Hungary: Azerbaijan`s embassy and Hungary-Azerbaijan Friendship Society will organize an event commemorating the tragedy in Budapest and demonstrate a film on the occasion.
Moldova: The Congress of Azerbaijanis in Moldova will organize a round table in Chisinau to revere the memory of Bloody January shahids.
The January 20 tragedy will also be commemorated in other countries, including in Vilnius by “Gunash” and “Azerbaijanis of Lithuania” societies; in Prague by the “Azer-Czech” society; in Oslo by the Norwegian Azerbaijanis’ Youth Organization (NAYO); in Stockholm by Azerbaijan Federation Sweden (AFI); in Paris by Azerbaijan-French youth association; in London by the British club of Azerbaijani youth; in Mainz by the Mainz Azerbaijani society;
in the Netherlands by the Benelux Azerbaijanis Congress and Azerbaijan’s embassy in the Amsterdam; in Strasbourg by the European Union of Azerbaijani women “Ana Veten”; in Quebec by Association of Azerbaijanis in Montreal; and in New York, Houston and Los-Angeles by Azerbaijani diaspora organizations.